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Pre-Production Modular Bed of Nails Test Fixure


Edge Press Technology Tests Multiple Boards in Panelized form


Six Sided Final Assembly Functional Test Fixtures (showing 5 sided version)


Pneumatic Bed of Nails Test Fixure


Electronic Test Equipment Tailor Made for Special Testing needs.


Process Carrier Pallets Wave Solder or IR Reflow -> Wash -> Test.


Used- Reconditioned and Used Test EquipmentAll Products

Test Electronics stocks a large resource of used and reconditioned name brand precision measuring equipment familiar to calibration labs worldwide which can fill a large variety of test applications. Test Electronics can in some situations offer significant cost savings on initial costs and maintenance of your test system by developing your test fixture electronics with trusted name brand used test equipment. Name brand used equipment is low cost and easily calibrated and maintained by your favorite calibration facility.  Ask our applications engineers about supporting your test fixture electronics with name brand used equipment. Significant discount will be applied when purchased with a Test Electronics Bed of Nails Test Fixture or Test Equipment.
DRANETZ 626- Universal Disturbance Analyzer

Monitor Record Disturbance    AC and DC power, Temperature, Humidity, and R    industrial

The 626 Disturbance Analyzer is a modularly expandable system for measuring surges, sags, spikes, dropouts, and frequency errors on DC and AC power lines. Ideal instrument for monitoring environmental disturbances effecting operation of computers and other electronic equipment. Provides printout of disturbances including time and date. Programmable via the front-panel or RS-232 port. Up to five modules can be installed. Power Requirements: 90 to 130 VAC or 180 to 250 VAC (switch selectable) from 47 to 450 Hz or 3 A at 12 VDC for extended battery operation without AC power. Uses any of the readily available 626 series plug-in modules. Can be used for measuring, monitoring, recording, and printing disturbances in ac power, dc power, temperature, and humidity, radio frequency, etc. Details for specific measurements can be found in the information on the various plug-in modules. Up to five individual monitoring modules can be added to this mainframe which provides the operating controls alphanumeric printer, time base, and power supply. Each monitoring module can be user-programmed with the precise limits beyond which disturbance detection occurs. A system check facility activates an automatic calibration and diagnostic routine to verify proper operation. An RS232 port is provided for data output and remote programmability. AC powered the 626 is protected from power outages by internal rechargeable batteries that provide 10 to 40 minutes of full operation. A separate battery supply protects the time clock data and program memories for 1 to 3 months.
HP 3555B- Transmission & Noise Measuring Set

Noise measurements: from -1 dBm to +121 dBm    Input Impedance: 75, 135, 150, 600, or 900-ohms    industrial

The HP 3555B Transmission & Noise Measuring Set conforms with Bell System requirements and makes noise measurements from -1 dBm to +121 dBm. Noise measurements: from -1 dBm to +121 dBm. Terminated input impedance: 75, 135, 150, 600, or 900-ohms, balanced.
HP 3777A- Channel Selector

4-Wire Switch or    2 Independent, 2-Wire Switches    industrial

The HP 3777A Channel Selector is a 4-pole access switch for telecom applications. It may be configured as a single 4-wire switch or as a two, independent, 2-wire switches. Channel capacity is arranged by adding standard modules. Unselected channels are switched to 600 ohm terminations. Option H05 30 channels with WECO 310 connectors.
Northeast Electronics Corp. TTS-12A- Singing Point Test Set

Telecom     Measures a Variety of Telecom Paramters    industrial

Measures a wide variety of telephone and other telecomunications paramters. Generates test tones and provides convenient access to measurements with other equipment.
Wiltron 9031- Echo Return Loss and Singing Point Test Set

-10 dBm to +40 dBm    2 and 4 Wire Modes    industrial

Wiltron 9031 Echo return loss and singing point test set makes echo return loss measurements from -10 dBm to +40 dBm. Test both 2 and 4 wire modes. Provides Trans Hybrid loss correction. Provides selectable 600ohm or 900ohm impedance matching provides convenient line access to measurements with other equipment.

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Estimate Price and Availability
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