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THT   Telephone Headset and Handset Test SystemAll Test Equipment

Telephone Headset and Handset Test System
PN# 2000HT
TE2000 Headset Tester for audio testing headsets and handsets using computer generated test sounds.
Telecommunications Test System Electronics
Easily Upgraded for Various Applications
The Tester's internal circuitry consists of a constant current source, switching components and tone generation circuitry which may be altered in a variety of ways to accommodate the testing of a variety of telecommunications products.

Built in Features
Testing features providing ability to test a variety of telephones, telephone handsets and headsets.
  • Selectable 10, 20, 50, 100, 140 mA current.
  • Rear panel calibration jack for easy 5 step calibration.
  • Rear panel oscilloscope jack for visual indication, and detailed testing.
  • Polarity reversal switch.
  • Reset switch for setting the unit to a known starting point. Useful to follow complex test procedures.
  • Built in 1KHz sine wave oscillator for troubleshooting to the subassembly.

Rear Panel Connector Interconnectivity View
Cable Continuity Tester Back View Connectivity
This view of the rear panel shows a variety of rear panel connectors, jacks and plugs laid out to conveniently provide rear panel interconnectivity to a wide variety of instruments including the accessories provided with the equipment. Our Understand-it-at-a-Glance panel designs and layouts make it easy to connect to our equipment.

System provides connectability to the accessories provided:

  • Sidetone Tester Precision Headset Driver.
  • Computer Interface Audio Coupler.
  • Digital Sound Level Meter with Tripod.
  • Windows Compatible Sound Card connectivity.
  • Test Speakers.
  • Adjustable Clamp Holding System.
  • Anti Static Acoustic Absorption Pad.
Test Software Features
Software frequency generation provides the ability to test and characterize frequency response for telephones, telephone handsets and headsets.
  • Six position scroll window displaying the test parameters for 5 different types of headsets and 1 Generic position for testing any style Headset.
  • Selectable 10, 20, 50, 100, 140 mA current.
  • Three Line Status Windows displays:
    1. Selected Headset type.
    2. Measurement action to take during test.
    3. Action to take to continue test.
  • Oscilloscope display for visual indication, and detailed testing.
  • Spectrum Analyzer display for visual indication, and sweep frequency mode.
  • Polarity reversal switch.
  • Reset switch for setting the unit to a known starting point. Useful to follow complex test procedures.

Specifications Accuracy
Sound Level Measurement ±2dBSPL
Voltage Measurements ±dBV
Test Frequency range 100Hz to 15KHz
Headset Current range 10mA to 140mA

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Standard QuickChange Adjustable
50 Thousand 2 Million 10 Million
  50K Operations = 2 years at 100 tests/day 2M Operations = 8 years at 1000 tests/day 10M Operations = 10 years at 4000 tests/day

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Estimate Price and Availability
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Pallet Material Durability:
Aluminum Stainless Titanium
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Hold Down Mechanism:
None SwivelLatch TensionPins

Additional Features:
Anodize Acid Etch
BeadPolish HeatTreat
Pallet Material   Conductivity:
No Carbon
Silicon Carbide
Material Thickness:
2mm 3mm
Durability from Stress Pulveration Fractures:
1 Million 1.2 Million 2 Million
  1M Cycles Standard HS Machining 1.2M Cycles Bead Polished Finish 2M Cycles Polish & Heat Temper Treatment

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