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Six Sided Final Assembly Functional Test Fixtures (showing 5 sided version)


Pneumatic Bed of Nails Test Fixure


Electronic Test Equipment Tailor Made for Special Testing needs.


Process Carrier Pallets Wave Solder or IR Reflow -> Wash -> Test.


Used- Reconditioned and Used Test EquipmentAll Products

Test Electronics stocks a large resource of used and reconditioned name brand precision measuring equipment familiar to calibration labs worldwide which can fill a large variety of test applications. Test Electronics can in some situations offer significant cost savings on initial costs and maintenance of your test system by developing your test fixture electronics with trusted name brand used test equipment. Name brand used equipment is low cost and easily calibrated and maintained by your favorite calibration facility.  Ask our applications engineers about supporting your test fixture electronics with name brand used equipment. Significant discount will be applied when purchased with a Test Electronics Bed of Nails Test Fixture or Test Equipment.
Tektronix 067-0572-01- Normalizer Head

Calibration Fixture    Vertical Sampling Heads    industrial

The 067-0572-01 Normalizer Head is a calibration fixture that is designed for use with vertical sampling plug-in units that utilize sampling heads.
Tektronix 067-0616- Flexible Plugin Extender for 7000 series

42" long    Coaxially Shielded    industrial

Tektronix 067-0616-00 Calibration Fixture Flexible Plugh-in Extender. Allows user to calibrate and repair plug-ins outside of the oscilloscope. Total Length 42" long. High speed signals are coaxially shielded. Heavier gage wire is used for power and ground pins.
Tektronix 2430- 150MHz Dual Trace Digital Storage Oscilloscop

150MHz Bandwidth    Digitized Waveform    industrial

The 2430 Dual Trace Digital Storage Oscilloscope offers 150MHz bandwidth, 5ns/div maximum sweep speed, a digitizing rate of 100 Mega samples/sec with 8-bit resolution, and dual channel simultaneous acquisition. With its advanced feature set, the 2430 can meet your general purpose measurement needs while offering the advantages of a digitized waveform including long term storage for future reference, data transfer, and waveform analysis, making the 2430 a powerful systems component. Other exceptional features include full screen readout and extensive cursor functions for easy operation and measurements, complex triggering capabilities, envelope mode with 2ns glitch capture, save on delta feature (provides unattended Pass/Fail Testing), and full IEEE-488 programmability for interfacing with our Bed-of-Nails test systems and ATE applications.
Tektronix 464- Dual Channel Storage Oscilloscope

100MHz    5 mV /div to 5 V/div    industrial

The 464 Dual Channel Storage Oscilloscope is designed to display non-repetitive or slow moving signals. A portable unit with DC to 100MHz response. CRT mesh filter installed to minimize CRT faceplate radiation. Four signal-output BNC connectors on the rear chamber changes to a type that improves shielding of the connected signal leads. Features two modes of storage: Variable Persistence and Fast Transfer. Stored writing speed of 110 div/usec. Deflection factor from 5 mV /div to 5 V/div in a 1-2-5 sequence. Sweep rate of 5 nsec/div with X10 magnifier. Weighs 26 lbs.
Tektronix 5A48- 50MHz Dual Trace Amplifier

50MHz    1mV/div-50V/div    industrial

The 5A48 is a dual-trace amplifier with five operating modes. Used in the 5000 series mainframes. The 5A48 features selectable trigger source and CRT readout. Bandwidth 50MHz. Rise Time: 7ns. Deflection:1mV/div-50V/div. Input: 1Mohm 24pF. Display Modes: CH1, CH2, CH2 Invvert, ADD, ALT, Chop.
Tektronix 5B40- Time Base

50MHz    10ns-5s/div    industrial

The 5B40 Time Base for use in 5000 series mainframe oscilloscopes. Sweep rates from 10ns-5s/div and provides a digital CRT readout of the sweep rate. Trigger coupling modes are AC, DC, HF reject LF reject. 10ns to 5s/div Calibrated Time Base. Triggering to 50MHz. Single Sweep Operation. F/LF Reject Coupling. External Horizontal Amp.
Tektronix 7633- Storage Oscilloscope Mainframe

100MHz / 1GHz     10 mV/div    industrial

The 7633 Storage Oscilloscope Mainframe provides a 100MHz, three compartment mainframe for the wide range of Tektronix 7000-Series plug-ins. The instrument has three display modes and four storage modes. The maximum writing speed of 1000cm/us is achieved in reduced scan mode. (Plug-ins shown above sold separately.) Sensitivities to 10 mV/div are available at 100MHz while 1GHz bandwidths can be achieved using the 7A21N direct plug-in. Sweep speeds up to 500 ps/div are available using the appropriate time base plug-ins. Using the P6201 FET probe, a high impedance with 900MHz bandwidth is possible.
Tektronix 7A19- 600MHz Single Trace Amplifier Plug-In

600MHz    3-Trace Operation    industrial

The 7A19 Single-Trace Plug-In Amplifier is the basic building block of 3-trace operation. The unit features constant bandwidth for all deflection factors, trigger source selectivity and color-keyed control grouping Bandwidth: DC to 600MHz
Tektronix 7A26- 200MHz Dual Trace Amplifier Plugin

200MHz    5mV to 5V/div    industrial

The 7A26 is a dual-trace amplifier that provides a bandwidth of 200Mhz in the 7000 series mainframes. With the appropriate mainframe, DC to 200MHz bandwidth is maintained constant over the entire range of delflection sensitivities of 5mV to 5V/div. Bandwidth may be limited to 20MHz to reduce displayed noise in lower frequency applications. The 7A26 feature five operating modes, trigger source selectability and trace identity. Bandwidth 200MHz (5mV to 5V/div). Deflection Factor. 5mV to 5V/div in ten steps. Input R and C. 1Mohm within 2%, 22pF. DC Stability. Drift with Ambient Temperature <0.02 division in any one minute after one hour warm up.
Tektronix 7B53A- 100MHz Dual Time Base Plugin

100MHz    5ns to 5s/div    industrial

The 7B53A Time Base provides normal, intensified delaying, delayed, and mixed sweeps. Sweep Rate: Calibrated 5 s/div to 50ns in 25 steps. 5ns/div, the fastest calibrated sweep rate is obtained with the X10 Magnifier. Uncalibrated Variable Continuously variable between steps to at least 2.5 times the calibrated sweep rate. 5ns to 5s/div Calibrated Time Base. Triggering to 100MHz. Single Sweep Operation. Calibrated Mixed Sweep. Differential Delay Time Measurements.
Tektronix 7B92- 500MHz Dual Time Base Plugin

500MHz    0.5ns to 0.2s/div     industrial

The 7B92 Time Base provides normal, intensified delaying, delayed, and alternate sweep. Sweep Rate: Calibrated 0.2s/div to 0.5ns in 27 steps. Uncalibrated Variable Continuously variable between steps to at least 2.5 times the calibrated sweep rate 0.5ns to 0.2s/div Calibrated Time Base. Triggering to 500MHz. Single Sweep Operation. Alternate display of intensified delaying and delayed sweeps. Contrast regulation between delaying and delayed sweeps.
Tektronix 7CT1N- 0.5W Curve Tracer Plugin

Test Semiconductor Devices to 0.5 Watts    10nA to 20mA/div Vertical, 0.5V to 20V/div Horizontal    industrial

The 7CT1N displays characteristics of small signal devices to power levels up to 0.5W. Series Resistance: Automatically selected with horizontal V/div switches. STEP GENERATOR-Transistor Mode: 1uA-1mA/step amplitude range. FET Mode: 1uV-1mV/step amplitude range. Impedance 1Kohm +/-1%. Test Semiconductor Devices to 0.5 Watts. 10nA to 20mA/div Vertical Deflection Factors. 0.5V to 20V/div Horizontal Deflection Factors. Operates in 7000 Series Mainframes.
Tektronix 7M11- 50ohm Delay Line Plugin

Delay    Line    industrial

50ohm Delay Line Plugin
Tektronix 7S11- 14GHz Sampling Unit

14GHz    2mV to 200mV/div    industrial

The 7S11 Sampling Unit uses plug in heads ranging in bandwidth to 14GHz. The 7S11 is a single-channel vertical module using the sampling plug-in head concept for 7000-Series sampling oscilloscope systems. The 7S11 can be used in a variety of configurations. Use with a 7T11A sampling timebase module for one channel, Use two 7S11's with one 7T11A for dual channel sampling. Use two 7S11's together (without a 7T11A) for X-Y operation. 2 to 200mV/div Calibrated Deflection Factors. Delay Range: A 10 ns delay range is available for comparing two signals in a dual channel combination. Vertical Signal Out: 200 mV per displayed division within ±3%. (source is 10Kohms). DC Offset Range: +1 to -1 VDC. Bandwidth and Input Z: Determined by the S-Series sampling head.
Tektronix CT-5- High Current Range Extender for Current Probe

1000A peak, 14KV isolation    20Hz to 1.2KHz    industrial

The CT-5 High Current Transformer is designed to extend the current measuring capability of either the Tektronix A6302 current probe (used with the AM503 current probe amplifier) or the Tektronix P6021 current probe (use with the type 134 current probe amplifier). With either probe, the CT-5 extends the measurement range by a factor of up to 1000X. The CT-5 includes a pistol grip type handle with receptacles to accept the P6021 or A6302 in either of two positions, providing a choice of two current ranges. A sliding jaw on the transformer permits insertion of the current carrying conductor without breaking the circuit under test. The core and shield assembly is insulated from the windings and the handle allowing measurements on bare conductors with potentials to 3000volts. The accessory high-voltage insulation may be used to extend the allowable voltage to 14kV peak. The DC Bucking Coil and interconnection assembly nullifies the saturating effects of dc currents to 300amperes without appreciably degrading the transformer characteristics. Summary: Max continuous AC current:1000A peak from 20Hz to 1.2Khz @ 25degC ambient. Max pulse current: 50,000A peak. Max voltage isolation: 14kV peak.
Tektronix S-4- Sampling Head

DC to 14GHz    +1.0V to -1.0V    industrial

The S-4 Sampling Head is a 25ps risetime unit. DC to 14GHz, 50 ohm input impedance. Variable DC Offset allows signals between +1 V and -1 V limits to be displayed at 2 mV/div. Displayed noise is < 5 mV unsmoothed, 2.5 mV smoothed. Bandwidth: DC-14Ghz. Risetime: 25ps. Displayed Noise: <5mV. Signal Range: +1Vto-1V. Input: Z=50ohm, Vmax=+/-5V. Input Connector: SMA (3mm).
Tektronix S-51- Trigger Countdown Head

Trigger Signal 25 picosecond Risetime    200 mV trigger output into 50ohms    industrial

The S-51 Trigger Countdown Head is a high-speed, tunnel-diode trigger generator. The S-51 generates a trigger output from an input waveform. Trigger output allows operation with sequential sampling systems. 25 ps pulse risetime. 200 mV trigger output into 50ohms. Variable Sync. Input SMA 5Vpp max. Output BSM.

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