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Pre-Production Modular Bed of Nails Test Fixure


Edge Press Technology Tests Multiple Boards in Panelized form


Six Sided Final Assembly Functional Test Fixtures (showing 5 sided version)


Pneumatic Bed of Nails Test Fixure


Electronic Test Equipment Tailor Made for Special Testing needs.


Process Carrier Pallets Wave Solder or IR Reflow -> Wash -> Test.


Used- Reconditioned and Used Test EquipmentAll Products

Test Electronics stocks a large resource of used and reconditioned name brand precision measuring equipment familiar to calibration labs worldwide which can fill a large variety of test applications. Test Electronics can in some situations offer significant cost savings on initial costs and maintenance of your test system by developing your test fixture electronics with trusted name brand used test equipment. Name brand used equipment is low cost and easily calibrated and maintained by your favorite calibration facility.  Ask our applications engineers about supporting your test fixture electronics with name brand used equipment. Significant discount will be applied when purchased with a Test Electronics Bed of Nails Test Fixture or Test Equipment.
DANA 7030- Digiphase Synthesizer

0-10,999,999Hz    Pulse and Frequency Modulation Inputs    industrial

Digital phase synthesizer 0-10,999,999Hz. Separate Pulse and Frequency modulation inputs. Output into 50ohm. Rear panel remote programming option via 50pin Centronix connector.
EPICOM INC EPIVIEW 100- RS232 Analyzer

50-9600bps    SDLC, HDLC, and BDLC Protocols    industrial

The Epiview 100 is a portable CRT Data Communications Analyzer. Speeds from 50-9600bps, SDLC, HDLC, and BDLC protocols. Data displayed in ASCII, EBCDIC and HEX with a 5-inch monitor and full or half duplex.
Fluke 1720A- Programmer Keyboard

Keyboard for the Fluke 1720A    Almost new condition    industrial

Keyboard for the Fluke 1720A Instrument Controller. Almost new condition, key buttons still have brand new look. The texture is not worn off.
Honeywell 2110184- Portable Analyzer

Network Analyzer    Network Signal Decoder    industrial

The Honeywell 2110184 Portable Analyzer
HP 15401A- Feed Through Module

Data Rate Matching for     Word Generator    industrial

The HP 15401A Feed Through Module provides matching data rate for Word Generator.
HP 39801A- Barcode Reader

Barcode    Reader    industrial

The HP 39801A Barcode Reader
HP 44428A- 16 Channel Actuator Output

100V Peak     1 Amp    industrial

The HP 44428A 16 Channel Actuator is used in the 3497A Data Acquisition System and consists of 16 mercury wetted form C SPDT relays. The actuator assembly can be used to switch test fixture power or to actuate alarm bells. Maximum voltage is 100 V peak while maximum current is 1 Amp.
HP 44471-66501- General Purpose Relay Board

100V Peak     1 Amp    industrial

The HP 44471-66501 General Purpose Relay Board
HP 5004A- Signature Analyzer

Displays Digital Signatures    Comparative Testing to Known Good    industrial

The HP 5004A Signature Analyzer is a tool for production and service troubleshooting of complex logic circuits. It recognizes and displays unique digital signatures associated with data nodes in a circuit under test. By comparing these actual signatures to the correct ones, a technician can back-trace to a faulty node. Patented signature analysis technique for rapid testing. 4-digit display. 10MHz clock speed. Data probe input impedance is 50Kohms to 1.4 V, nominal, shunted by 7 pF.
HP 8018A- Serial Data Generator

Delivers: 2048 Programmable Bits Dual Channel    DC to 50 Mbits/s, 0 to 15V into 50 Ohms    industrial

The HP 8018A Serial Data Generator is a powerful stimulator for serial digital systems and devices requiring high bit rate and fast pulses. Even preamble-data-post-amble data links patterns are feasible by combining prbs and programmed data. Option 001: HP-IB for data loading. The 8018A Serial Data Generator delivers: 2048 programmable bits. Dual channel operation. clean 6 ns pulses. Repetition rate from dc to 50 Mbits/s. Output amplitude is variable up to 15V into 50 Ohms.
HP 8080A- Pulse Generator Mainframe

Digital    Plugins Available    industrial

The HP 8080A Pulse Generator Mainframe can be used with a variety of modules producing configurations that can be used for research and development in advanced technologies such as subnanosecond ICs, fiber optics, and nucleonics.
HP 8083A- Output Amplifier 300MHz

0 to 15V into 50 Ohms    DC to 50 Mbits/s    industrial

The HP 8083A Output amplifier for Word Generator.
HP 8084A- Word Generator 300MHz

16, 32, 64 bit Word Generation    300MHz    industrial

The HP 8084A Word Generator plug in for HP8080A; 300MHz; 16, 32, 64 bit words.
Tektronix 318- Logic Analyzer

15 Channels    50MHz    industrial

The 318 Logic Analyzer is a lightweight, portable unit which provides parallel and serial data acquisition capabilities. The unit permits 15 channels of data acquisition at speeds up to 50MHz. The unit features menu-driven user interface.
Tektronix DAS9100- Digital Analysis System

Logic Analyzer    Pattern Generator    industrial

The DAS 9100 can be configured as a logic analyzer, as a pattern generator, or as a combination of the two. With appropriate modules (sold separately). Programming is made simple and menus/functions are accessed logically. The DAS 9100 fulfills the requirements needed for the design, manufacture, and service of digital products. Modular system architecture allows various instrument configurations, each tailored to meet specific testing requirements. This mainframe consists of a display monitor (9" raster scan CRT with 24, 80-character lines of display), 91A32firmware (Version1.1), a cassette drive, a functionally encoded keyboard , power supply, and controller module.

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