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Printer Nest for Process Carrier Pallets All Pallets

Printer Nest Printer Nest for Process Carrier Pallets
Printer Nest
Aluminum printer nest designed to hold circuit boards while solder paste is applies Test Electronics will precision drill and customize pallets for your circuit board. Click on the Quote tab on the left then click on the Carrier Pallets tab to get an instant quotation on your process carrier pallets.  
Pallet Features
Testing features providing ability to test a variety of telephones, telephone handsets and headsets.
  • High strength to withstand operator abuse and repeated use without damage.
  • High temperature compatibility allowing frequent cycles through IR reflow soldering without warping or delamination.
  • Dimensional stability so that fit and alignment are the same time after time.
  • Chemical resistance which provides long pallet life even through rigorous cleaning processes.
  • Consistent conductivity on the surface and through the sheet to preserve sensitive components.
  • Low heat absorption allowing the machines to run cooler and faster.
  • Special pin fabrication and insertion techniques prevent loosening of circuit board alignment pins.
  • White lettering provides easy to read part number labeling.

Standard Machining and Static Protection
Standard Machining Conductive Carbon
The pallet material is impregnated with a conductive carbon which acts to prevent static damage. Standard machining techniques can loosen and wash this protective carbon away from the surface areas where it is most needed. Test Electronics prevents this by using a high speed spindle speed of 30,000 rpm. This high speed promotes cleaner cutting of the fibers and minimizes breaking up and washing away the conductive carbon composite material. After the machining process, the pallet is then micro bead polished to a gloss ensuring that the fibers and carbon are blended smoothly at the surface for optimum static protection.
Lower heat Absorption
High Speed Cutting and Micro Bead Polishing Polishing
Special high speed cutting and micro bead polishing techniques which enhance the surface conductivity also allows the use of lower carbon content pallet material. This lightens the color and reduces heat absorption allowing the reflow soldering machines to run cooler and faster.

Tooling Pin Insertion Base Styles
Insertion Base Styles Tooling pins are installed using an automated machine for positioning, and insertion. This technique provides perpendicularly exceeding 1/1000" per linear foot, and prevents drift due to side scoring and chipping. The end result is an extremely high degree of accuracy and repeatability in pin positioning. Above all, a tighter press fit for better mechanical reliability.
Other techniques for even higher reliability are as shown above:
  • Swaged pins.
  • Grove and glued pins (high temperature epoxy).
  • Cap captured pins.
Tooling Pin Body Styles
Pin Body Styles A variety of pin body styles are available. The styles are listed from the lower cost to the most expensive. The tradeoff is pin placement longevity. The stainless steel pins expand and contract at different rates than the pallet material, and can loosen up over time. The flanged step pin holds the best but costs the most.
Common pin styles available are:
  • Straight pins.
  • Step pins.
  • Flanged Step Pins.

Tooling Pin Tip Styles
Pin Tip Styles A variety of pin body styles are available. The styles are listed from the lower cost to the most expensive. The tradeoff is locating accuracy. The standard round pin is typically used with a slotted or diamond pin head style. The diamond head is easier to machine and adequate for most applications. Applications which require higher precision may require the use of the elongated round head pin style.
Common pin styles available are:
  • Round head for standard through holes.
  • Diamond head for slotted holes.
  • Elongated round head for precision aligning slotted holes.
Composite Materials
Pin Tip Styles Pallet carrier materials are available in three grades to meet your needs. All grades are lightweight, and offer advantages over aluminum, titanium and other composite materials. Dimensional stability, flatness, thermal shock resistance and chemical resistance make these products ideal for the hostile environments presented in wave solder applications.
Material Selection
We offer the industry's widest variety of pallets:
  • No Carbon is non-conductive.
  • High Carbon is semi-conductive.
  • Low Carbon is both semi-conductive and optically reflective.
All versions of the Pallet materials are closely checked for warp, twist, surface resistivity and other key properties prior to being micro-sanded to the tightest tolerance control available.

Machining Specifications
Pinning accuracy ±0.0005"
Perimeter Cut accuracy ±0.0005"
Surface roughness ANSI-16 or better
Material Specifications AluminumTitaniumStainless Steel
Surface Resistivity (Ω/in²) 100000
Density lb/in³
Water Absorption % 000
Avg. CTE (para) K-1 000
Avg. CTE (perp) K-1 000
Flexural Strength (psi) 100000240000340000
Modulus in Flexure (psi) 000
Izod Impact Strength (ft-lb/in) 101214
Thermal Conductivity (W/(m·K)) 2352116
Surface Operating Temp °C 50014001200
Chemical Resistance Very Good Very Good Very Good
Barcol Hardness 000

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Press Plate Features:
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BON Plate Features:
Standard QuickChange Adjustable
50 Thousand 2 Million 10 Million
  50K Operations = 2 years at 100 tests/day 2M Operations = 8 years at 1000 tests/day 10M Operations = 10 years at 4000 tests/day

Additional Features:
Lever Latch Panel Inserts
Microcontroller Mid Carrier Plate
HV Shield RF Shield
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Estimate Price and Availability
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None SwivelLatch TensionPins
Durability Until Delamination:
12 Thousand 25 Thousand 50 Thousand
  12K Cycles = 6 months at 100 cycles/day 25K Cycles = 1 year at 100 cycles/day 50K Cycles = 2 years at 100 cycles/day

Pallet Material Durability:
Aluminum Stainless Titanium
Material Thickness:
0.0625inch 0.090inch 0.125inch
Hold Down Mechanism:
None SwivelLatch TensionPins

Additional Features:
Anodize Acid Etch
BeadPolish HeatTreat
Pallet Material   Conductivity:
No Carbon
Silicon Carbide
Material Thickness:
2mm 3mm
Durability from Stress Pulveration Fractures:
1 Million 1.2 Million 2 Million
  1M Cycles Standard HS Machining 1.2M Cycles Bead Polished Finish 2M Cycles Polish & Heat Temper Treatment

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