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Pre-Production Modular Bed of Nails Test Fixure


Edge Press Technology Tests Multiple Boards in Panelized form


Six Sided Final Assembly Functional Test Fixtures (showing 5 sided version)


Pneumatic Bed of Nails Test Fixure


Electronic Test Equipment Tailor Made for Special Testing needs.


Process Carrier Pallets Wave Solder or IR Reflow -> Wash -> Test.


Used- Reconditioned and Used Test EquipmentAll Products

Test Electronics stocks a large resource of used and reconditioned name brand precision measuring equipment familiar to calibration labs worldwide which can fill a large variety of test applications. Test Electronics can in some situations offer significant cost savings on initial costs and maintenance of your test system by developing your test fixture electronics with trusted name brand used test equipment. Name brand used equipment is low cost and easily calibrated and maintained by your favorite calibration facility.  Ask our applications engineers about supporting your test fixture electronics with name brand used equipment. Significant discount will be applied when purchased with a Test Electronics Bed of Nails Test Fixture or Test Equipment.
BK 1601- Regulated DC Power Supply

0 to 50 Volts    0 to 2 Amps    industrial

The 1601 Power Supply supplies 0 to 50 Volts at 0 to 2 amps. Meter range switching switches from 50V full scale to 25V full scale for better control at low volatages. Extreemly precise adjustable current control is provided over 4 Full scale ranges of: 0.05A, 0.2A. Seperate power switch and DC output switch is provided. Volatage 0-50VDC Current 0-2A Current Meter 4 ranges Volt Meter 2 ranges Load regulation ±(0.01%)
California Instruments  153XP- 3 Phase AC Source / Monitor

Automatic Device Detection    Silicon and Geranium Transistors    industrial

Compact thin 3 1/2" rack mount standard 120VAC 60Hz single phase power input provides a 3 phase ouput power source. HIghly regulate voltage and frequency outputs programmable by front panel and or IEEE-488. 120VAC 60Hz single phase input, 3 phase output, Frequency programmable 45Hz-10KHz, Voltage programmable 5-270VAC, Max Output Power 150W 3phase. California Instruments 153XP Main frame ships with factory installed IMC3 digital power monitor plug-in and 949XP Power Controller as shown above.
DataShield XT300- Backup Power Supply

12VDC to 120VAC 60Hz    500Watts    office

Built in 1995 as a backup power supply for large computer systems. Currently does not provide enough power for large computer systems but provides too much power for small single systems. Requires a separate 12VDC car battery capable of outputting 50Amps. Useable as a standard 120VAC 60Hzpower source for auto or boat. provides 4 standard output plugs on rear panel. fused at 4 Amps. Recharges battery when plugged into a standard 120VAC power outlet. Input 12VDC 50Amps Battery. Output 120VAC 60Hz 4 Amps. (standard line). Power 500Watts. Equivalent to a small gas generator. Enough power to power your high power hand drill, buffer, sander, soldering iron, and a 100W light bulb all at the same time from the hood of your car or in your boat!
HP 6203B- DC Power Supply

0 to 7.5VDC    3A    industrial

The HP 6203B Power Supply is a low-cost bench supply rated at 0 to 7.5Vdc @ 3A. The unit is equipped with ten-turn voltage and current controls. The unit is metered and has CV/CC. Option 011: Internal Overvoltage Protection Crowbar. Option 028: 230 VAC ±10%, single phase input. Option 100: 87-106 Vac, 47-63Hz, single phase input. Option 220: 191-233 VAC, 47-63Hz, single phase input. Option 240: 208-250 Vac, 47-63Hz, single phase input.
HP 6226B- DC Power Supply

0 to 50 VDC    0 to 1.5A    industrial

The HP 6226B Power Supply is a one-third rack width power supply. Supplies 0 to 50 Volts at 0 to 1.5 amps with ten-turn voltage and current controls for better output control. Rear panel master slave programmability. In the constant voltage mode the load regulation is ±(0.01% + 2 mV), in constant current mode the regulation is ±(0.01% + 250 µA). Easy-to-read meter. Option 040 = Interfacing for Multiprogrammer Operation.
HP 6253A- Dual DC Power Supply

0 to 20 VDC    0 to 3 A    industrial

The HP 6253A Power Supply features constant voltage/current modes with outputs available from 0 to 20 V at 0 to 3 A. Remote sensing. Remote programming. Auto-series/auto-parallel operation. Auto-tracking. Independently adjustable front and rear panel outputs. Voltage mode regulation ±(0.01% + 4 mV). Current mode regulation ±(0.01% + 250 µA). Input is 115 VAC (±10%), 48-440 Hz. Option 011 = Internal Overvoltage Protection Crowbar. Option 040 = Interfacing for Multiprogrammer Operation.
HP 6433B- DC Power Supply

0 to 36VDC    0 to 10 A    industrial

The HP 6433B Power Supply is a SCR based regulated supply which provides good high current output capability but also outputs a slight amount of ripple. Constant-Voltage/Constant-Current modes. DC output from 0-36V @ 0-10A. Large easy-to-read meters continuously monitor output voltage and current. Bus bars and terminal blocks on the rear panel provide connections for input and output power, remote sensing, remote programming, and auto-series, parallel, and tracking connections. Unit also incorporates reverse voltage protection and a fused AC input. Operates from 115 VAC ±10%, single phase, 57-63 Hz.
Systron Donner PLS50-1- DC Power Supply

0 to 50V    0 to 1A    industrial

DC Power Supply. 0-50VDC in 1mV increments. 0-1A Adjustable current limit.

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BeadPolish HeatTreat
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Silicon Carbide
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2mm 3mm
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