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Protector- Lever Actuated Clamshell Bed of Nails Testers All Protector

Designed for testing heavy massive boards. Boards with heavy components like large transformers and inductors can destroy normal test fixtures. This design utilizes a 3 plate system where an internal lever actuated sub plate containing the test pins raises to probe the circuit board when the handle is pulled. Heavy boards can bend and break exposed test pins. Similarly large boards which need to be probed by very small delicate test pins can also benefit from this protected test fixture design. This fixture is recommended in situations where there is a high board mass to pin size ratio and pin protection is required. Front and rear panel modular inserts allow for easy updates and customizations to the user hardware interface.
Protector- Lever Actuated Clamshell
Low Cost
Industrial Standard

Press down rods are the old reliable industrial standard. Used successfully for many years, withstands the test of time, and are a low cost solution for larger simple boards with less dense component layouts.
Protector- Bed of Nails Testers
Heavy Board
Protected Test Pins

Front and rear panel inserts provide for either a completely self contained test systems containing embedded microcontrollers or a simple interface to provide connectivity to other testers or computers with data acquisition boards.
Protector- Pricing Instant Quotation
Quote Tab
Left Side

Test Electronics will precision drill and customize this bed of nails style test fixture for your circuit board. Click on the Quote tab on the left for a quick instant price quotation. Next, click on the Test Equipment tab to design your own embedded test system and get instant pricing.
Protector- Other Compatible Products
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Next, click on the Reflow Pallets tab and discover what it would cost to test multiple boards right on the fabrication pallet. Or use a desktop or rack mount computer, plug in low cost off the shelf data acquisition boards and create your own functional, in-circuit, or bare board tester.

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Press Plate Features:
Press Rods Edge Press Adjustable
BON Plate Features:
Standard QuickChange Adjustable
50 Thousand 2 Million 10 Million
  50K Operations = 2 years at 100 tests/day 2M Operations = 8 years at 1000 tests/day 10M Operations = 10 years at 4000 tests/day

Additional Features:
Lever Latch Panel Inserts
Microcontroller Mid Carrier Plate
HV Shield RF Shield
Estimate Price and Availability
Estimate Price and Availability
Enter carrier pallet size:
Select Base Material Type:
Pallet Material   Antistatic / Reflectivity:
No Carbon
Med Carbon
Material Thickness:
3mm 5mm
Hold Down Mechanism:
None SwivelLatch TensionPins
Durability Until Delamination:
12 Thousand 25 Thousand 50 Thousand
  12K Cycles = 6 months at 100 cycles/day 25K Cycles = 1 year at 100 cycles/day 50K Cycles = 2 years at 100 cycles/day

Pallet Material Durability:
Aluminum Stainless Titanium
Material Thickness:
0.0625inch 0.090inch 0.125inch
Hold Down Mechanism:
None SwivelLatch TensionPins

Additional Features:
Anodize Acid Etch
BeadPolish HeatTreat
Pallet Material   Conductivity:
No Carbon
Silicon Carbide
Material Thickness:
2mm 3mm
Durability from Stress Pulveration Fractures:
1 Million 1.2 Million 2 Million
  1M Cycles Standard HS Machining 1.2M Cycles Bead Polished Finish 2M Cycles Polish & Heat Temper Treatment

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