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DAQ- Data Aquisition BoardsAll Products

The ETS Series products are designed to create a simple "Go, NoGo" test platform that executes quickly and requires minimal Operator interaction. Low-cost alternative to traditional PC-based test equipment. Test Electronics sources and stocks a large variety of data acquisition and sensor boards to make your hardware build quick and easy. Develop your own embedded test system or use the embedded test systems we have developed.
Check-MATE-  Multi-Function DAQ  Data Aquisition Boards

High Performance Data Acquisition Board

The Check-MATE is a low-cost multifunction Data Acquisition module. It offers 8 single ended analog inputs (with 12-bit A/D resolution and a sampling rate of 110KHz). The instrument provides a single analog output (with 12-bit D/A resolution that operates in unipolar or bipolar modes). In addition, there are 8 digital input/output lines (which are independently programmable). Many test solutions can be quickly built by connecting the Check-MATE to a PC laptop or desktop, and then running our GUI software. No external power source is required, since power is supplied through the USB interface.

Com4-MATE-  Expansion Module  Data Aquisition Boards

High Performance Peripheral Device Controller

There was a time when the RS232 COM port was the dominate interface in PCs, but that has given way to the ubiquitous 'USB' interface. However (the traditional COM port is far from dead), there still exists numerous applications where control of multiple RS232 devices are necessary. The COM4-MATE provides 4 independent RS232 asynchronous communication ports. Many test solutions can be quickly built by connecting the COM4-MATE to a PC laptop or desktop, and then running our GUI software. No external power source is required, since power is supplied through the USB interface. Easy access to the hardware is made available through a convenient collection of boxheaders. There are two options for controlling the COM4-MATE (with a Host PC or embedded microcontroller). In the case of the PC, the COM4-MATE is connected by a USB interface and responds to a simple set of ASCII commands. Programming is easy using Visual BASIC,LINUX, C/C++, LabView, LabWindows or any language that allows access to through a serial port. For embedded operation, the COM4-MATE uses a standard OI interface to allow external control by most popular microcontrollers (i.e., ARM, PIC, AVR or STAMP). Try combining the COM4-MATE with other OI instruments (such as the MiniMATE 'embedded test controller', DVM-MATE 'digital volt meter', Relay-MATE 'signal switcher' and others). Use our ETS Series products to build unlimited test solutions quickly, reliably and affordably.

DAQ-MATE-  Analog Data Acquisition Module  Data Aquisition Boards

32-Channels of Analog Data Acquisition

The DAQ-MATE offers an impressive 32-channels of single-ended analog data acquisition, which includes a 12-bit A/D (and a sample rate of 110KHz). In addition each channel can be independently programmed for 4 different input ranges ( 0-5V, 0-10V, +/-5 and +/-10V). Many test solutions can be quickly built by connecting the DAQ-MATE to a PC laptop or desktop, and then running our GUI software. No external power source is required, since power is supplied through the USB interface. Easy access to the hardware is made available through a convenient collection of screw terminal connectors.

DUT-MATE-  Power Controller Module  Data Aquisition Boards

Powers up the DUT in a Safe Controlled Manner

The DUT-MATE is a unique power control module that is designed to power up a DUT, "Device-Under-Test" for the first time safely and in a controlled manner.

Micro-MATE-  Embedded Controller  Data Aquisition Boards

High Performance Embedded Micro Controller

The Micro-MATE is the first embedded controller specifically designed to bring lowcost automation to custombuilt test equipment. The Micro-MATE comes loaded with a high performance Atmel processor, 8K of SRAM and 64K of Flash ROM (data and program memory), 30 Digital I/O lines and a high speed serial RS232 communications port.

SF-MATE-  Short Finder Module   Data Aquisition Boards

Short Finder test instrument adds ICT capabilities

The SF-MATE (or Short-Finder), is a unique test instrument that adds ICT capability to Functional Test equipment. Rather than spending thousands of dollars to test all nodes on a PCB, the SF-MATE limits the number of checks to those defined as critical test points. For example, during a typical assembly process, a PCB inadvertently receives shorts in the lower section.
By verifying specific test points are "short free" (prior to applying power to the PCB), the SF-MATE can prevent damage to the DUT, adjoining test equipment and possible injury to the test Operator. The SF-MATE has 8 input channels that are connected to a special Ohm meter circuit. After a channel is selected, a constant current is supplied to the device-under-test and a voltage is measured that is proportional to the resistance. The Ohm meter limits the current source to 1mA, and the open-circuit voltage is just 200mV (which is less than the nominal turn-on voltage for most PN junctions). When the input exceeds a certain level, the SF-MATE outputs a digital bit that indicates a short .


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