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Test Electronics


Pre-Production Modular Bed of Nails Test Fixure


Edge Press Technology Tests Multiple Boards in Panelized form


Six Sided Final Assembly Functional Test Fixtures (showing 5 sided version)


Pneumatic Bed of Nails Test Fixure


Electronic Test Equipment Tailor Made for Special Testing needs.


Process Carrier Pallets Wave Solder or IR Reflow -> Wash -> Test.


Used- Reconditioned and Used Test EquipmentAll Products

Test Electronics stocks a large resource of used and reconditioned name brand precision measuring equipment familiar to calibration labs worldwide which can fill a large variety of test applications. Test Electronics can in some situations offer significant cost savings on initial costs and maintenance of your test system by developing your test fixture electronics with trusted name brand used test equipment. Name brand used equipment is low cost and easily calibrated and maintained by your favorite calibration facility.  Ask our applications engineers about supporting your test fixture electronics with name brand used equipment. Significant discount will be applied when purchased with a Test Electronics Bed of Nails Test Fixture or Test Equipment.
Data Switch  RS232- Data Switch RS232

RS232 Switch 2 X 2    Switch AaBb or AbBa    office

Crossover Data Switch AaBb or AbBa
Delta Design  9388- IEEE-488 Bus Interface

Drive Two RS232 ports    Uses one GPIB Address    industrial

Drive Two RS232 ports with IEEE-488. Uses one GPIB Address. Applications Include: Driving a printer directly from test equipment. (The test equipment must have programmable output ability.) Chart Recorders, Barcode readers, Interfacing RS232 controlled test equipment with GPIB controlled equipment
Fluke 1120A- IEEE-488 Translator

IEEE-488 to Fluke Instruments    Control 3 Instruments    industrial

The 1120A IEEE-488 Translator is the link between IEEE-488 bus and a variety of Fluke instruments. The 1120A converts codes and signals on the bus to codes and signals compatible with instruments. The 1120A can handle up to three instruments at a time. Multiple 1120A's can be used in a system. Use of the 1120A requires that a "personality" card for a particular instrument be installed in the 1120A. These cards are supplied with compatible instruments.
HP 37203A- HPIB GPIB IEEE-488 Extender

1000 meters    50 Kb/s    industrial

The HP 37203A Up to 1000 meters. Uses twisted pairs for up to 50 kb/s transfer rate.
HP 92205Y- HP-IB Three Position Switch

HP-IB Cable Switch    Switch 1 Cable to 3 Cables    industrial

HP-IB Three Position Switch
HP 92205Y- HP-IB Three Position Switch

GPIB 3 Switch    ABC Switch    office

Hewlett Packard 92205Y HPIB GPIB IEEE-488 ABC SWITCH

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Press Plate Features:
Press Rods Edge Press Adjustable
BON Plate Features:
Standard QuickChange Adjustable
50 Thousand 2 Million 10 Million
  50K Operations = 2 years at 100 tests/day 2M Operations = 8 years at 1000 tests/day 10M Operations = 10 years at 4000 tests/day

Additional Features:
Lever Latch Panel Inserts
Microcontroller Mid Carrier Plate
HV Shield RF Shield
Estimate Price and Availability
Estimate Price and Availability
Enter carrier pallet size:
Select Base Material Type:
Pallet Material   Antistatic / Reflectivity:
No Carbon
Med Carbon
Material Thickness:
3mm 5mm
Hold Down Mechanism:
None SwivelLatch TensionPins
Durability Until Delamination:
12 Thousand 25 Thousand 50 Thousand
  12K Cycles = 6 months at 100 cycles/day 25K Cycles = 1 year at 100 cycles/day 50K Cycles = 2 years at 100 cycles/day

Pallet Material Durability:
Aluminum Stainless Titanium
Material Thickness:
0.0625inch 0.090inch 0.125inch
Hold Down Mechanism:
None SwivelLatch TensionPins

Additional Features:
Anodize Acid Etch
BeadPolish HeatTreat
Pallet Material   Conductivity:
No Carbon
Silicon Carbide
Material Thickness:
2mm 3mm
Durability from Stress Pulveration Fractures:
1 Million 1.2 Million 2 Million
  1M Cycles Standard HS Machining 1.2M Cycles Bead Polished Finish 2M Cycles Polish & Heat Temper Treatment

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