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Test Electronics

Micro-MATE   Embedded ControllerAll Data Aquisition Boards

High Performance Embedded Micro Controller
The Micro-MATE is the first embedded controller specifically designed to bring lowcost automation to custombuilt test equipment. The Micro-MATE comes loaded with a high performance Atmel processor, 8K of SRAM and 64K of Flash ROM (data and program memory), 30 Digital I/O lines and a high speed serial RS232 communications port.
Block Diagram
Data Acquisition Software
A separate section of the board offers ample prototype area to house custom circuits and provide an interface for control our Test Instrument Modules (or TIM's). The Micro-MATE comes fully assembled and ready to use. Just connect to your PC's serial port, apply power and start developing. Programming the Micro-MATE is easy when using BASCOM. BASCOM is a fullfeatured, Windows BASIC Compiler that is wrapped in a professional IDE (Integrated Development Environment). For 'C' programmers, the Micro-MATE is the ideal companion for SDCC (which is a free optimized ANSI C compiler). In addition we offer TESMATE. TESMATE (or Test Executive Suite) is a collection of support routines and instrument drivers that can be directly imported into your code and help accelerate the development process. TESMATE is also "free" open source code and is provided in both BASIC or 'C' versions.
Benifits and Feature Points
  • Easy to program
  • Great for embedded solutions - place inside mechanical test
    fixtures, instrument boxes or rack-mount enclosures
  • Burn-In
  • Engineering
  • Depot Repair
  • Production Test
  • Automated Test Systems
  • QA/QC Quality Control
  • OEM Test Instruments
  • AT89C51RE2 processor
  • 64KB Flash Memory
  • 8K RAM
  • 30 Digital I/O lines
  • RS232C COM Port
  • TCIMATE Interface
  • COM4MATE Interface
  • DUTMATE Interface
  • Circuit Breadboard Area
  • Compact Size, 2.5”x4.5”
  • Low cost

Number of ports 4
Max Baud Rate 230Kbps
Communications 5,6,7 or 8 data bits; Even, odd or no parity
FIFO 8 bytes
ESD Protection ±15KV
Input Control
Embedded SPI-bus & control logic
USB Interface Optional USB module
Power Supply +5VDC±10%@30mA
Operating Temp 0-50ºC
Dimensions 2.5” x 4.0”

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Press Plate Features:
Press Rods Edge Press Adjustable
BON Plate Features:
Standard QuickChange Adjustable
50 Thousand 2 Million 10 Million
  50K Operations = 2 years at 100 tests/day 2M Operations = 8 years at 1000 tests/day 10M Operations = 10 years at 4000 tests/day

Additional Features:
Lever Latch Panel Inserts
Microcontroller Mid Carrier Plate
HV Shield RF Shield
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Estimate Price and Availability
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Durability Until Delamination:
12 Thousand 25 Thousand 50 Thousand
  12K Cycles = 6 months at 100 cycles/day 25K Cycles = 1 year at 100 cycles/day 50K Cycles = 2 years at 100 cycles/day

Pallet Material Durability:
Aluminum Stainless Titanium
Material Thickness:
0.0625inch 0.090inch 0.125inch
Hold Down Mechanism:
None SwivelLatch TensionPins

Additional Features:
Anodize Acid Etch
BeadPolish HeatTreat
Pallet Material   Conductivity:
No Carbon
Silicon Carbide
Material Thickness:
2mm 3mm
Durability from Stress Pulveration Fractures:
1 Million 1.2 Million 2 Million
  1M Cycles Standard HS Machining 1.2M Cycles Bead Polished Finish 2M Cycles Polish & Heat Temper Treatment

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